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How We Sell in 30 Days & Our Written Guarantee

Marketing Strategy

Using knowledge, expertise and technology to sell your home in 30 Days!

Over the time, buyers use of the Internet to search for homes has increased, rising from 71% in 2003 to 99% in 2017. Even more importantly, 85% of home buyers used a mobile or tablet website or application and mobile app to search for a home.

I intend to sell your home for the maximum price in the minimum amount of time.

To a certain extent, achieving that goal is a numbers game. We need to create a richly detailed, spectacular listing for your home, and then we need to put it in front of as many potential buyers as we possibly can. Did you know that, as of 2018, nine out of every ten home buyers used the web to find their new home? This year the percentage is predicted to increase even further. The number of buyers who use the internet to find their next home is increasing daily. The traffic to online real estate marketplaces is skyrocketing. The power of the web is growing. And I have been able to successfully establish myself online so that I am able to tap into this steady stream of real estate shoppers.

Your Listing Advertised Everywhere
The web is now by far the most important advertising medium for real estate, and that’s becoming truer every day. Fortunately, I’ve managed to stay ahead of this trend, and have been continuously working to increase my web presence so that I can push listings to more places very quickly, putting properties in front of online buyers very effectively.

I subscribe to a unique software, a web service that connects real estate professionals with one
another and with the most important real estate advertisers on the web. This service allows me to advertise your listing on my website, on many other local real estate websites, and on over 50 of the busiest online real estate marketplaces including Trulia, Oodle, Yahoo!, Zillow, kijiji, and many more. Thanks to this listing service, and to my numerous contacts, you will see that I belong to a powerful online network that can make a substantial difference in the exposure your property receives. 

Your Listing Gets Found Online

Your Listing’s Own Website

In addition to my company website, and countless real estate websites across North America, your listing can receive its very own website and unique domain name (, that includes high-resolution photos, detailed property Information, and helpful tools for potential home buyers.

Multiple Search Platforms
Not only will I help your listing attract attention via “natural search” sites like Google,
Yahoo! and MSN, I will also place your listing in real estate-specific search sites
such as Point2 Homes, Oodle, Trulia and Zillow. In all, I have access to over 50 distinct
listing marketplaces where your listing can be displaye

Better Information
I add as many high-quality photographs and as much richly detailed information to
your listing as possible, so it will have a significantly better chance of attracting more
buyers. In fact, 85% of homebuyers value pictures as the most important feature of a
listing advertisement. 

More Information to Attract Buyers


Better Listings
What’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple – many independent studies show that better listings with
more photos attract more visitors, they keep buyers looking at your home longer, and they
generate more quality buyer leads.
More Photos
I understand the power of quality photographs and will include as many photos as possible to
help attract attention to your listing.
More Information
Buyers want information. That’s only natural – they’re trying to make an informed decision about a major purchase. So instead of withholding information about your property, I deliver as much
information as possible. Not only does this make your listing easier to find online, and help
ensure that inquiries about your property are serious ones... it can also attract more attention from the buyers who find it.
More Personality
No one knows your home better than you do. That’s why, if you’re interested, I am able to set up a special area of your listing where you can add your own comments. You can even login via your own password and access statistics on the visitors your listing is attracting.

More Power
My listings always include Google mapping with satellite imagery, virtual tours, and many other
features to showcase your property at the highest level of professionalism and technological

Turning Browsers into Home Buyers
Today’s buyers expect lightning-fast responses to their emails and inquiries, they expect regular updates, and they expect an impressive, feature-rich website. Not only is my website designed  to attract and engage today’s buyers, it also includes numerous behind the-scenes
software elements that will help me to sell your home.

My advantage
My Advantage is in the technological tools I use to present your property as effectively as possible and to have it discovered by as many potential buyers as possible. In modern markets, having a technological edge can make a dramatic impact. I have that edge, and I am looking forward to using it to your advantage.

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Q. Do I have to pay for Home Evaluation?

A. No, it's completely free

Q. What is your marketing plan to sell my home?

A. Our Marketing Plan has 3 phases, Phase 1: Prior to the listings, Phase 2: During the Listing,        Phase 3: After the firm sale.

Q. What's Your Marketing Plan Called?

A. Our Marketing Plan Called (I.M.S). I'm sure it will be new for most of the people.

Q. What is the blueprint of your business philosophy & marketing plan?

A. For our clients, we provide a print out of our 3 phase marketing plan along with our business      philosophy and a complete business plan. 

Q. I`m listing with another Realtor can i ask you to give us a 2nd Opinion?

A. Always.

Q. How do you define properties that are not salable in 30 Days?

A. There are about 10 factors that affect your house sale. When you are ready to sell, give us a        call or Send us an Email:, we will be more than happy to Explain the      Next Step.

Q. Do you provide a written Guarantee?

A. Absolutely Yes.

Q. What, if my house does Not Sell in 30 Days?

A. We have a great strategic market plan. We believe and we work hard to sell your home in 30        days, but if we are unable to sell it in 30 days, We will simply Sell it for Free.

Q. Free, You mean I don't absolutely have to pay anything?

A. There are two parts of the payment: Listing side commission, and Co-operating Agent side           commission. Listing side commission portion will be waived after 30 days.

Q. How much is the Co-operating Brokerage side Commission?

A. 2.5% + HST.

Q. As my agent how much Commission do you charge?

A. We have unique Commission Packages, each of the packages is designed with a lot of             research, We believe that commission should be very very fair for the sellers. Call us for details.

Q. Can I cancel my contract?

A. Yes! you can, All we need is 48 Hours Notice.

Q. How do you differentiate from others?

A. We stand behind our words, We know from the start of the listing contract that if we do not            work hard to sell the property. It would lead to not getting paid after 30 Days, So Our       ambition is to have all steps right in place in order to sell your property.

Q. Do you charge any fees for cancellation or for marketing?

A. No, not at all.

Q. Can you examine a property and give us a suggestion without listing it with you?

A. Absolutely Yes, Give me call at (416-986-7862) any time and I can schedule a meeting with you.

Q. Do you have a contractor for small cosmetic work which is required prior to the listing?

A. Yes, I have a few handy people, they can take care of anything related to the house.

Q. Do you provide references?

A. Yes, we can provide references.

If you still have any question or like to know more about our listing marketing plan please feel free to contact us.



Asif Shahzad & Team SeLL in 30 Days.
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